T0053 - Furnished apartment in Tehran - Sadeghieh, Ferdos Boulevard

Sadeghieh, Ferdos Blvd, Tehran, Sadeghieh
  • Living Room
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
Living Room Living Room Kitchen Bedroom
70.00 $ / Per night
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  • Beds: 1
  • Baths: 1
  • Square meter: 70
  • Rooms: 1
  • Parking: 0
Furnished one bedroom apartment in west of Tehran, suitable for short and long term stay. Price for per night stay 70$ Price for per month stay 1430$
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About property

This apartment is located in the Sadeghieh region. In this location you can have access to all of your basic needs such as shopping at a supermarket, repairing your car at the closest repair shop, lots of good and well equipped gyms around.
Easy and immediate access to the Sadeghieh and Ekbatan subway station and with this you can travel throughout the city in just a matter of minutes. Azadi sport complex is very close to this rental, so if there’s an important soccer match you won’t get stuck in a traffic jam and miss the game.

Eram amusement park is also near this accommodation, so it would be very easy to have a fun night out with your friends and enjoy every single game there is. Not only that but also you can have a good connection to most of the highways which are in that particular area. You can also go to Nahjolbalaghe Park which is very famous and a quiet park to relax and have a picnic.

In this flat you will have one bedroom and one bathroom. The total area of this residence is 70 square meters. We can say it is small and cozy, so you can manage this apartment very easily and you can keep it clean even easier.
This rental has a mini kitchen which is the best choice for people who want small spaces to cook and get confused in those big and vast kitchens. You can use the oven and the refrigerator and all of the furniture inside this furnished apartmment.

In StayInIran we provide our lovely clients with the best quality of work and the best amenities, so they won’t even think about choosing another business for their business trips or holiday vacations. The living is very simple yet beautiful. It is very clean and tidy and the lighting is very good, so you won’t experience any kind of darkness.

What makes StayInIran different from others is the level of our security. In this accommodation you will feel the maximum security and there’s only a small price to pay for security deposit $1000.

Our reasonable and fair prices are another reason customers select us for their vacations. As mentioned, if you want to sublet this apartment you should know it is for rent for both short and long term rental. The price for each night is $70 and the price for one month is $1430.

How can I reserve a furnished apartment?

You can easily book a furnished apartment through www.stayiniran.com, E-mail or by telephone. After confirming the availability of the property, we will notify you. After paying deposit online, the property is fully booked for you.

What happens After paying the deposit? What should I do?

After paying the deposit, the accommodation is fully booked with a warranty for you. You only need to travel to destination and enjoy your trip. In case you need some extra services you can inform us in this step.

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