T0036 - Furnished apartment in Tehran - Valiasr Street, Africa Boulevard

Valiasr St, Africa St, Tehran, Tehran, Valiasr St, Africa St
  • Living Room
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
Living Room Living Room Bedroom Living Room Bedroom Living Room Living Room Bedroom
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  • Beds: 1
  • Baths: 1
  • Square meter: 70
  • Rooms: 1
  • Parking: 0
70 Square meters, full furnished apartment with good material in good region of Tehran (Africa St). Short and Long Term rental. Price for daily book 110$ per night. Price for rent between 1 to 6 months 1200$ per month. Price for rent one year 1100$ per month.
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About property

This one-bedroomed apartment is 70 square meters and has one bathroom, but no parking. This is a very good condo for those kind of people who want to explore the city and an easy access is very important for them. The apartment is small and very cozy so you can chill at home and enjoy the peace and when you get tired of it you can easily go throughout the city and have the time of your life.

Because of the size this residence is very easy to handle and keep clean. The rooms of this rental are very bright because of the lighting and good design. As a result of good design and location the building faces the sun, so it is always bright.
In StayInIran we not only provide the information but we also add extra amenities and possibilities to our lovely customers to make them feel a home.

This accommodation is both for long and short term rentals and it is located on Valiasr Street, Africa Boulevard. There you can have access to Haghani subway station and the beautiful Abo-Atash Park which is one the biggest parks in Tehran.

From Valiasr Street you can have an instant access to BRT stations to go to either Tajrish square or Rah-Ahan square (basically from the north of Tehran to south of Tehran) not only that but you can also go to Iranian park in an old neighborhood which is very close to Africa Boulevard, this particular park is very well designed and executed, amazing for walking and relaxing or maybe playing volleyball and other games. If you are a coffee lover Valiasr Street is the place for you because of the hundreds of cafes which are located in this good and beautiful part of Tehran.

There won’t be any worries about security we always include the maximum security to make our clients as peaceful as possible and the deposit is $2000.
You can lease this rental for the minimum of one night for $110 and if you decide to stay in this condo for a longer duration 1-6 months the price will reduce to $1200 per month and for one year it is $1100 per month.

What makes us stand out from other similar businesses is our reasonable prices and the way we make our customers satisfies with our excellent amenities.


How can I reserve a furnished apartment?

You can easily book a furnished apartment through www.stayiniran.com, E-mail or by telephone. After confirming the availability of the property, we will notify you. After paying deposit online, the property is fully booked for you.

What happens After paying the deposit? What should I do?

After paying the deposit, the accommodation is fully booked with a warranty for you. You only need to travel to destination and enjoy your trip. In case you need some extra services you can inform us in this step.

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