1. It is necessary to wear a scarf in IRAN?
Yes, it is. It is called Hijab and you must wear clothes which cover all over your body. For tourists there is less severity and restriction.

2. Is it legal to drink alcohol in Iran?
No it is not. Drinking alcohol is prohibited in public places in Iran. But in private places is almost common.

3. Is it legal to smoke cigarette in public places Iran?
No it is not allowed to smoke in public places in Iran.

4. Is Internet available in Iran’s public places such as restaurants and cafes?
Yes. You can access to wireless internet in Most of cafes and restaurants. Also a large number of hotels have internet connections.

5. Do Iranian people speak English?
No, they don’t. Iranian people speak Farsi (Persian) but pretty good number of Iranian young people in Tehran and large cities can understand and speak English.

6. Is Iran a safe place to travel?
Yes. Iran is a safe country and tensions in neighbor countries have nothing to do with Iran.

7. Can I ski in Iran?
In late fall and winter and early spring you can ski in Tehran. Also there are some ski resorts in Iran which are open a longer period of time.

8. Are Master card and visa card useful in Iran?
No they are not. You can use cash money or local banks debit cards.

9. Is there any special Customs I should know before traveling to Iran?
Cultures vary by ethnicity. There are a lot of customs in Iranian culture. One the most common customs in Iran is “Taarof” which is used to show the politeness. For example Iranian people refusing to take whatever you are offering them such as food, tea, coffee In first place but in the second try they will accept your offer.

10. What are emergency numbers in Iran?

emergency numbers are listed as below:

  • Medical and Ambulance: 115
  • Fire Brigade: 125
  • Police: 110


11. Does VOA need an address to register?

To obtain the Iran visa in your passport you need to declare your residence place to the Iranian embassy. For resolving this issue You can book a room in an Iranian hotel in advance which is usually free of charge and then after entrance you can go to your address.


12. How can I find Iran embassy in my country to get a visa?

you can easily go to the link below and find Iranian embassy location.

Iranian Embassies in Worldwide


13. How can I find the embassy of my country in Iran?

you can easily go to the link below and find embassies in Iran.

Foreigners Embassies In Iran